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Siberian Husky

Husky Colors

Siberian huskies have beautiful coats that come in a multitude of colors and markings including black, red, gray, white, agouti and piebald. They have 3 main coat types. Standard, plush, and wooly. We focus on the elegant wooly coat.  A wooly coat Siberian has a thicker undercoat and much longer hair. Their eyes can also range in color, they can have blue eyes, brown eyes, amber eyes, one of each color (bi-eyes) or even one eye with both blue/brown/green (parti-eyes).

Gray & White

Gray, silver, or wolf gray (not to be confused with sable or agouti) grays start out light colored – almost white or cream, and they will change through light and dark phases as their coat matures. The different variations of gray and white are very striking!


This color, or lack thereof, is a result of the complete restriction of color pigments and extension of white or cream over the dog’s entire body. White Siberians can have liver or black points (eye rims, ears, noses and lips) whites are one of our favorites!

Black & White

Black and white is the most common Siberian husky color. The top coat can range from dilute black to jet black, or mostly solid black. The undercoat may be white, charcoal, beige or a mixture.


Agouti is a mixture of black, tan, brown or gray. The guard hairs are banded with black at the roots and tips with bands of beige in the middle of the hairs. Often times referred to as the “wild look”. They will go through light and dark phases as their coat matures.


Piebald is white with irregular patches of any other color. White is in excess of 30% which breaks up the coloration giving them unique markings. A piebald Siberian can be any color except white. They are very uncommon and very unique!

Red & White

Red, light red, dark red/brown/copper or solid red. Dilution factors can fade the coloring from light to dark across the body. Red and white huskies always have liver colored points (eye rims, ears, noses and lips).