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New Puppy Checklist

Puppy Checklist

The essentials for an easy transition

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for any family. From toys to treats, we have everything you need to make your first days the best! We buy and recommend most puppy supplies from Chewy. This page contains affiliate links, meaning if you use the link we provided and make a purchase, we will be compensated.

The Basics

Most of the things you will need can be found here. Don't forget to get a dog bed, a walk through baby gate (very helpful!) food container with scoop, carpet cleaner, potty training bells and food and water bowls. Siberians tend to love water so we recommend slow feed bowls for both food and water to avoid mess.

Puppy Food

Your puppy’s first year is critical to their development. During this time, they need specialized nutrition to promote their developing bodies and minds, and to nourish strong bones, teeth and coat. We feed Diamond Puppy.

Flea, Tick & Heartworm Prevention

Protecting your puppy with prevention prescribed to kill fleas and prevent flea infestations, prevent heartworm disease, and treat and control intestinal parasites in dogs. We require all new owners to start puppies on prevention at the very first vet visit. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

NuVet Vitamins

The best skin, coat, hip and joint supplement. NuVet is an immune system builder with vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high potency antioxidants. Our dogs LOVE their NuVets. Use code 68100 to order.

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Collar & Leash

Your puppy’s first collar should be nylon, size small and adjustable with a tag that has your information for identification. Another identification option is microchipping. We recommend microchips as they are permanent identification. Consult your veterinarian for more information about microchipping. A 6ft leash is the preferred length for training and walking.


Toys are an important part of puppy development. They provide exercise and a safe way to satisfy your puppy’s need to chew. Nylon chews, balls, stuffed animals, interactive toys and rubber toys that can be filled with treats are great to keep puppy minds and teeth busy. Always supervise your puppy with any toy.

Grooming Supplies

A sturdy wide tooth under coat rake brush and a slicker brush are best for wooly Siberians. A gentle hypoallergenic or oatmeal shampoo, and nail trimmers. Start a regular grooming routine with your puppy early on to familiarize them with it as the wooly coat will require upkeep.


The crate will become your dog’s safe place and their special place for sleeping. The key to successful crate training is to always use it in a positive manner. We recommend a small crate for puppies or a 42" wire crate WITH an adjustable divider. Adjust the divider to allow more room as your puppy grows.

Training Treats

Wait until your puppy has settled into his new home and routine before introducing treats. Purchase treats that are low in calories and are small in size. Always reward your puppy with a treat for good behavior during training. Our dogs really enjoy soft treats.